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Visuals Library

This library of images, time-lapse videos and presentations contains materials created over the last year.  As our work has evolved and increasing data has become available, our images and visualizations have changed.  Each image, video and presentation is dated and reflects the data and methodology in use at that time. 

These materials are subject to copyright.  Attribution is required.  We expect to share work related to the Startup Cartography Project (including materials available on this site) via a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike License (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Attribution related to this project should be in the following form: 

Andrews, Raymond J, Catherine Fazio, Jorge Guzman, and Scott Stern. 2017. “The Startup Cartography Project:  Mapping U.S. Entrepreneurial Quality and Quantity across Time and Location” MIT Working Paper

Data at the State, County and City level is available for download.  We are not releasing micro-geography data due to confidentiality considerations and data release restrictions. 

You are free to create your own images using the data and visualization prototype tool made available on this site using screen shots or by creating your own time lapse videos.  Instructions for how to do so are included below.  If you are interested in advancing the dynamic visualization of entrepreneurial ecosystems in a different way, please contact us via email to share your idea and explore whether there is mutual interest in pursuing.

Downloading an Image of Regional Entrepreneurship

Images of any visualization of any level of our map can be taken by capturing a screen shot of your computer (Image Capture in Mac, Print Screen in Windows PC).

To do so in Mac, press Command + Shift + 3 to store an image on your desktop, or the Print Screen in your Windows PC. More detailed instructions on how to capture your screen can be found at

Creating a Time-Lapse Video of Regional Entrepreneurship

To create a time-lapse video of regional entrepreneurship simply use a screen recording tool to capture the transition through different years if your region of interest as you move through them (note that the scroller for the time can be moved with the keyboard arrows).

The following link provides a list of free screen recorders.


San Francisco

Los Angeles





Tennessee & Atlanta


The South

Where is Silicon Valley? Figure 1

Where is Silicon Valley? Figure 1

Where is Silicon Valley? Figure 2

Where is Silicon Valley? Figure 2

Where is Silicon Valley? Figure 3

Where is Silicon Valley? Figure 3

Map of Boston Metro Area

Map of Boston Metro Area

Map of San Francisco Bay Area

Map of San Francisco Bay Area